Actively Engaged Employees Transform Companies – part 1

This month we hear from Earl Bell, Island Crest Consulting LLC, on strategies to build your employee team to achieve the best results, both for your employees and for your organization…

Assembling a team of actively engaged employees is mandatory if you want to consistently Win in the Game of Business. Key to accomplishing this objective is to proactively retain top employees while shedding actively disengaged employees. If this makes sense, what is your plan for building a super-team at work this year?

Before getting started, below are a couple of ideas to consider:

  1. Studies have shown that the cost of replacing an actively engaged employee is at least 1.5X his or her base compensation.
  2. The cost of retaining an actively disengaged employee is probably a much larger number, when taking into consideration the recurring impact of lost revenue and profits from damaged customer relationships along with dysfunction in the workplace resulting from keeping such an employee on the payroll while he or she goes about wreaking havoc like a tornado throughout the office.

To Be Continued…

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Republication permission: Earl Bell, Island Crest Consulting LLC.
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