Actively Engaged Employees Transform Companies – part 2

…continued from Actively Engaged Employees Transform Companies – part 1

The discussion continues with Earl Bell, Island Crest Consulting LLC, on strategies to build your employee team to achieve the best results, both for your employees and for your organization…

What does actively engaged employees look like?:

  1. Support their co-workers and increase overall happiness in the workplace.
  2. Have high job and career satisfaction.
  3. Directly and indirectly reduce employee turnover.
  4. Produce awesome customer experiences.
  5. Increase productivity and profits.

By the way, the inverse is true too!


For my CFO readers, I encourage you to step away from spreadsheets for a moment and think about an extremely valuable asset not on the balance sheet – which is company culture. To increase company value, start investing time to partner with your executive team and HR department to develop an action plan for assembling teams of actively engaged employees. The CEO, board of directors, shareholders, customers and your fellow employees will appreciate your collaborative effort and focus on a critical element necessary to achieve sustainable and long-term business success.

A Seattle Times front page headline on September 1, 2013 reads, “Bosses’ challenge: Keep top workers from leaving.” The byline reads, “With the local jobless rate now below 5 percent, employers are offering better pay and perks like free yoga sessions to get and keep key employees.” I believe that is barely scratching the surface of what is needed.

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