How We Work

Forté Human Resources (Forté) has become the leader in outsourced Human Resources services by providing expertise to improve our clients’ management of this key business function.

As an outsourced  Human Resources department, we work with business owners and managers to increase compliance with government regulations, improve manager’s overall competency and job performance through hands-on supervisory training and we improve managers’ efficiency by allowing them to focus on their core business responsibilities. Since 1982, organizations have relied on Forté’s SafeGuard System™ to handle their human resources issues.

Forté has provided HR services to companies representing a variety of industries.  Our experience in providing human resources services gives Your Company a greater level of expertise at a lower cost than an internal department.  By working with Forté, Your Company can consult with many HR professionals, without the associated expense.

We designed an HR department that provides the essential combination of expertise, common sense, and efficiency.  Our HR professionals are committed to handling your HR needs in a knowledgeable, accessible, and responsive manner.

Forté Benefits

Forté can help Your Company realize certain stated goals by delivering the following services:

  • Introducing staffing processes that increase efficiency and improve recruiting.
  • Reviewing and revising your employee handbook, current HR policies, and procedures.
  • Increasing compliance with required federal, state and local regulations while keeping you apprised of upcoming legislative issues.
  • Conducting managerial and employee training on relevant HR topics.
  • Assisting and advising supervisors in handling sensitive employee issues.
  • Providing advice, implementation assistance, and communications for benefit programs.

Knowing that your HR issues are being handled by Forté will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on growing your business.

Getting Started

Once you have made the decision to hire us, we schedule a kick-off meeting.  At this kick-off we will learn more about each other, begin to identify priorities, and start to build a strong partnership.  At the end of the meeting, we will have an action plan and will have accomplished the following:

  • Meet key management.
  • Learned how your organization currently handles the HR function.
  • Established and set priorities for goals and objectives for the upcoming year.

Following this meeting, you will receive a document that recaps the priorities, goals, and objectives determined in the orientation meeting.

Moving Forward

Our goal is to remove as much of the day-to-day HR tasks from your managers as possible.  To achieve this goal, we must have a point person who essentially becomes our supervisor.  This person directs our work, establishes and changes priorities, and coordinates our activities with other managers.

To facilitate the workflow and to establish our role as your HR Department, your Forté HR Manager will need an on-site “office,” including a desk, chair, and telephone.  This physical presence is important because it provides your managers and employees with a location to meet with HR, to discuss issues, and to coordinate HR activities.

We feel it is also important for HR to develop a relationship with each member of your senior management team.  Within the first few months, we will schedule one-on-one meetings with each senior manager.