HR Quiz

Take the following quiz to analyze your ability to answer some standard HR questions we get on a daily basis:

Question #1: You terminate an employee because he didn’t work very hard, didn’t perform his job properly, and could not follow instructions. If prospective employers call for references, should you tell them that he was lazy and incompetent?

Question #2: Forté Human Resources is less expensive than hiring a full-time certified HR professional.

Question #3: Two male applicants apply for a position, and both are perfect for the job. One is 41 years old and the other is 49. Since they both are qualified, you hire the younger candidate because he may stay with the company longer before retirement. Is this legal?

Question #4: An employee is sexually harassed by her supervisor. The employer may be able to avoid liability for the harassment only if:

Question #5: Employees who take leave for military duty are entitled to continuation of health benefits under COBRA.

Question #6: Under COBRA, employers do not have to offer continuation of coverage if the employee voluntary terminates his or her employment.

Question #7: A nonexempt employee voluntarily stays late to finish work on a company project. Knowing that the company is short on money, she declines to be paid overtime for the extra 2.5 – 3.0 hours per week. This is acceptable as long as the employee and employer agree on the arrangement.

Question #8: Employers must complete an I-9 Immigration Form only for employees who are not U.S. citizens.

Question #9: If a state has an employment law that is similar to federal law, employers in that state must always comply only with the state law.

Question #10: Are drug addiction and alcoholism considered potential disabilities under the ADA?

Yes, if the employee is seeking treatment.