Employee Relations

Strong, positive communications with your employees can greatly increase your employees’ morale and productivity.  We work with you to create programs that promote employee satisfaction and further develop your corporate culture.

  • Employee Communications Program Development. By assisting new employees, coordinating benefits enrollment meetings, distributing policy changes or participating in all employee meetings, we help you enhance communications with your staff.
  • Employee Recognition Program Development. Acknowledging achievement, hard work and employee loyalty can help improve the morale in your work environment.  Employees appreciate recognition for a job well done.  We have implemented many creative programs for employee recognition.
  • Employee Attitudes Surveys. Understanding your employees’ satisfaction and concerns plays as important role in running a successful business.  We design web-based attitude surveys that elicit responses to specific areas and issues.
  • Investigation of Employee Grievances. Handling employee grievances well can stop employee issues from expanding into complaints, arguments, and lawsuits. We are an excellent resource for your managers with expertise in calming the panic and conducting an orderly investigation.
  • Employee Issues. Sometimes it’s helpful for employees to just have “someone to talk to”.  We can be a safe place for employees to share issues and concerns