Employee Safety / Drug Programs

While having a well-documented safety program meets specific legal requirements, it also creates peace of mind for employees.  Unfortunately, many companies are out of compliance with safety regulations simply because they are not aware of the requirements.  We help you understand and implement the necessary safety programs.

  • OSHA Compliance. Although we cannot ensure that all of your equipment meets the required safety codes or that your industry specific requirements are met, we can help coordinate your safety program by ensuring you have an active safety committee that meets as required and that accurate minutes are kept and filed correctly.
  • Development/Administration of a Drug and Alcohol Program. Drug testing is required by law in some workplaces and by company policy in others.  If you are interested in implementing a program, we help you determine what type of program best suits your objectives and the policy for handling negative results. We also assist you in communicating the new program to employees.

Although we do not consider ourselves safety “experts,” we can help you put the basic programs in place because we know the regulatory guidelines.