We understand your need to hire and retain qualified, dependable employees and we know recruiting always takes more time than originally contemplated.  Turning recruitment over to Forté can give you back this time.  We work with you and your managers to develop a recruitment process that facilitates hiring while saving your managers valuable time.  We manage your employment process by:

  • Generating Applicants. When you have an open position, your managers contact their recruiter. Based upon the process we develop with you, your recruiter begins creating an applicant stream.  This process may include placing ads in local papers or on the Internet, contacting local resources such as colleges and technical schools.
  • Interviewing. Our recruiters conduct initial interviews to screen for a general fit for the position, administer any pre-employment testing, and submit information for background checks.  Following the initial interview, our recruiters refer all qualified applicants to your hiring managers for additional interviews.  Your Company’s managers make all hiring decisions; our job is to find the most qualified candidates.
  • Background and Reference Checking. Getting the information you need to make a successful hire is a time consuming and important part of any recruitment process.  Our recruiters are skilled in asking probing questions and obtaining pertinent information on an applicant’s past job performance, education credentials, and job duties.  For certain positions we may recommend criminal, credit, or other more specific checks into an applicant’s background.  With this information, you’ll find the best new employee for your company.
  • Your managers make all hiring decisions.  Our job is to find your company the most qualified candidates.  Once a hiring decision has been made, we will develop a standardized, legally compliant offer letter for you to use with each new hire.