Group Benefits

Benefits are an ever-growing expense for all companies, and communicating the value of these benefits to your employees is very important.  Our role is two-fold; we help you communicate your benefits and manage your benefit costs.  Further, although we do not sell insurance, we do work with your broker or help you find a broker to handle your benefit needs.

  • Orientation and Communication. We help communicate benefit changes and schedule enrollment meetings.  We are available to answer basic benefits-related questions.  At orientation, we explain your benefits and help new employees complete their paperwork.  Someone in your organization will need to handle employee additions and deletions to the insurance programs, changes to employee coverage, and billing reconciliation.
  • COBRA Administration. COBRA is complicated to administer.  We handle initial notifications if not handled by your insurance company, collect premiums for you to remit to your insurance carrier, and track timelines to ensure that participants move through the program appropriately.
  • Plan Design. Prior to your renewal, we meet with you to determine your goals for the upcoming benefits year and identify concerns with current coverage. We work with your broker during the renewal process to bid existing coverage, implement new plans, and manage benefit rates.

Our experience with a variety of companies can provide valuable information on benefit trends and current benefit rate increases.