Human Resources Administration

Human Resources administration encompasses hundreds of tasks, from completing I-9 forms to providing all required information to employees about leaves of absence.  Completing these tasks correctly not only organizes your company’s HR function, but can also keep your company free from fines, audits, and lawsuits.  Unfortunately, these administrative tasks can drain a great deal of your staff’s time.  Our services provide the “nuts and bolts” of HR administration.

  • Conducting New Employee Orientations. Once the hiring decision is made, we review the employee handbook with the new employee to explain policies and procedures. We help the employee fill out the payroll and benefits paperwork and hand over a complete personnel file to your payroll staff.  Finally, we turn the new employee over to his/her manager for training.
  • Personnel File Management/Audit. As a new client, we audit your existing personnel files to ensure the correct documentation is included and completed correctly.  Ongoing filing will continue to be handled by your organization.
  • Immigration/ I-9 Compliance. As a part of your file audit, we make sure you have fully executed I-9 forms for all employees.
  • Federal and State Posting Requirements. Although not a big job, making sure you have satisfied the posting requirements at all your work locations is a task that must be completed.  We ensure that each of your locations have required federal and state posters.
  • Workers’ Compensation Administration. Having employees out on time loss due to injury is expensive not just due to the lack of productivity, but also because it affects your Workers’ Compensation experience rating as well. We work with you to develop Return to Work packets and Light Duty Job programs. We track the claims to ensure they are handled promptly and accurately.
  • Unemployment Insurance Administration. Unemployment is another experience rated premium that needs to be closely monitored.  Your managers will appreciate our help with the appeals of questionable claims.  We attend hearings in an effort to protect your experience rating.
  • Termination Processing. When your managers need to terminate an employee, we get involved reviewing the documentation and providing advice on how to communicate with the employee.  We develop checklists to make certain the terminated employee receives all the necessary paperwork.  Finally, we conduct exit interviews, which often provide you valuable information.
  • Personnel Forms Development. We review your current personnel forms to determine if they are in compliance.  We also help create or standardize forms.
  • Compliance. We help you implement policies and procedures that increase your understanding of complex and evolving employment-related regulations.  From understanding EEO requirements to interpreting reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act and various state requirements, we have the experience and resources to increase your compliance.

We reduce the time your staff spends worrying about Human Resources administration issues and increase the time they spend on their core responsibilities.