Human Resources Policies & Procedures

Your Company’s HR policies and procedures need to reflect your corporate culture and still comply with various laws and regulations.  Forté helps you achieve this balance.

  • Audit. Initially, we recommend an audit of your current policies and procedures to ensure compliance with key regulations and to identify potential problem areas.  This allows us to quickly identify outstanding issues and address your priorities.
  • Employee Handbook. Whether you are developing your first Employee Handbook or need a review, we work with you to ensure your company is prepared to address employees’ questions.  A handbook should address key policies to ensure consistency in your employee relationships and explain the policies that make your company unique.  More importantly, a handbook should outline how your company complies with various regulations while protecting your rights as an employer.  We have written hundreds of handbooks and offer unique ideas for developing creative policies.  As time goes on, we make sure your handbook stays current with regulatory changes and internal policies.
  • Managers’ Policies and Procedures Handbook. We highly recommend the development of a manual for your managers.  This document explains implementation of company policies to your managers.  It documents who has the authority to hire and terminate employees and provides the forms that must be completed for each type of employee policy (e.g. vacation, address, and payroll changes).  It also explains the procedures for handling employee issues.  Giving your supervisors and managers the tools they need to be confident in their positions can minimize liability and make your managers more efficient.
  • Job Description Development. Positions within any company evolve over time and position descriptions must evolve to keep pace with the changes.  Position descriptions have become more important in recent years, providing protection for employers in disability and other disputes.  We work with you to update current job descriptions and create descriptions for new positions.  We standardize your formats and make sure the description accurately and adequately notes the job functions and requirements.
  • Performance Review Programs.  Many of our clients express concern about how to adequately, fairly and consistently review their employees.  Typically, our clients either know they need to implement a program or they have a program that is cumbersome and does not meet their needs.  We work with you to develop a performance review program that is manageable and that addresses your company’s issues.  This program coordinates with your existing job descriptions and overall compensation program.
  • Leave Coordination. An employer’s response to employee leave of absence requests has become very complex.  No longer can you simply decide if workload will permit the employee to be absent; employers must also consider the ADA, state disability laws, FMLA, and paid leave laws.  Then, you have to determine how these interact with Workers’ Compensation rules and your own personal leave policies.  While we do not track each employee’s time, we do help you work through each relevant issue and determine when leaves run concurrently, which notices must be sent, and when leaves can be terminated.

Well-drafted policies and procedures provide a road map for your employees and managers to follow.  They reduce questions and misunderstandings and create a more positive working environment. Our expertise in developing effective policies and procedures can serve as a valuable resource for Your Company.