Training & Development

Well-trained managers increase the efficiency and morale of your employees.  Our goal is to help your managers increase their knowledge of HR-related issues and your policies, resulting in confident, competent managers.  We accomplish this goal through on-site, interactive HR training programs.  The following is a sample listing of some of our training programs, although we can create many other HR-related training programs to meet your needs.

  • Manager Compliance Landmines. Managers need to understand the basic compliance requirements of human resources.  We educate your managers on their responsibility with respect to regulations such as the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), overtime regulations, etc.
  • HR 101. This training program reminds managers of their responsibilities throughout the employment cycle – hiring, performance management, corrective actions, leaves of absence, pay issues, termination.
  • How to Conduct Performance Reviews. Completing performance reviews is often an uncomfortable task for many managers; however, it is vital to the ongoing success of Your Company.  We help your managers develop the skills to evaluate performance and communicate constructive feedback to employees.
  • Interviewing Skills Training. In today’s environment, knowing what you can and cannot ask in an interview is imperative.  We train your managers to ask valid questions, probe for responses, and avoid asking illegal questions.
  • Supervisory Skills Training. Many times your managers have moved up through the ranks and have never been in a position to supervise others.  This can be an awkward situation and could cause morale problems.  We offer your managers guidelines and advice for supervising their employees and help them better understand their roles and responsibilities.
  • Documenting Discipline. Making sure you have proper documentation regarding disciplinary actions is vital to protecting Your Company’s interests.  Your managers will learn what actions require documentation and what language and format should be used to ensure Your Company is protected.
  • How to Avoid Harassment. The reality is that harassment claims are on the rise and the potential cost to employers is increasing every day.  There are significant risks to management, both collectively and personally.  How should you handle a harassment claim?  What can management do to prevent harassment in the work place?  We address each of these questions and provide suggestions on how to handle these issues.
  • Harassment Training for Employees. The Supreme Court has ruled that conducting training on harassment is one of the only ways a company can effectively limit their liability in the event of a harassment claim.  Our training program for employees details your zero tolerance policy, helps employees understand the meaning of harassment, and identifies Your Company’s procedure for reporting and investigating a harassment claim.

Our training programs focus on “high touch” not “high tech.”  We conduct the sessions at your office or in our training facility and encourage your managers to bring real examples of the issues they face in their management roles.