Wage and Salary Administration

Keeping abreast of compensation trends and ensuring compliance with labor laws can be time consuming activities that distract you from the other needs of your business.  Because we work with so many companies, we provide valuable information on current wage and salary levels in your industry.  We also increase your compliance with wage and hour laws.

  • Minimum Wage/Overtime Compliance. We audit your current pay practices to help ensure minimum wage and overtime requirements are met.  We check for minor work permits and review your overtime policies.
  • FLSA Records Maintenance. Correct employment classifications for exempt and non-exempt employees are critical.  We review your classifications against the legal requirements and make recommendations if changes are needed.
  • Compensation Program Development. We can help you develop a basic compensation program that meets your corporate goals and objectives.  By blending your compensation program with your job descriptions and performance review program, we help create an overall system that makes sense for you.
  • Salary/Wage Surveys. Forté uses a comprehensive nationwide compensation database, which provides accurate, up-to-date pay data for thousands of positions.  This allows us to calculate competitive levels of salaries, incentive pay and total compensation by geographic area, industry, organization size and pay strategy for your organization.  Each of over 8,500 jobs has been studied over time and analyses are derived from a number of data points including government and non-profit surveys, patented online surveys (78 US industries), and U.S. salary surveys and datasets.  By working with Forté, you have access to salary ranges and medians for 5,400 positions in 370 US metro areas and 1,200 industries.  This data, combined with our expertise in helping you design your compensation strategy, gives you confidence in your competitiveness.

Managing your internal wage and hour policies is important for compliance reasons as well as for managing employee expectations and morale.