The SafeGuard System™

forte-shield-smForté Human Resources supports your business through our signature SafeGuard System™. SafeGuard is a Turnkey HR System. Outlined below is the system and structure that we put in place, continuously monitor, and reinforce through guidance and training, to ensure that the SafeGuard System, and the supervisors that deliver it, are both effectively making human resources a competitive advantage for our clients.

Human Resource Management is ultimately a Line Management responsibility, not a Human Resources Staff responsibility. All of the decisions regarding employees are made and delivered by supervisors in the workplace. The Human Resources staff’s responsibility is to provide your managers with the skills, knowledge and guidance they need to successfully do their jobs. Developing competent supervisors is at the heart of The SafeGuard System™.

A Full Service, “Turnkey” Human Resources Function.

Our service covers all areas of human resources management and therefore there are no gaps in the legal protection for your company. This makes it an excellent turnkey HR system solution. (See the services we offer)

A Complete Human Resources Function Assessment.

An in-depth Human Resources audit is conducted on your Human Resources function at the beginning of our engagement. Once we complete our initial audit, we are able to assess your level of risk. Periodic audits are completed to ensure the system is working at its optimal level.

Development of a HR Business Plan.

This plan is guided by you, your business plan and the results of the HR Audit. The HR Business Plan is then prioritized and time-lined for date of completion. The HR Business Plan is formally reviewed on a quarterly basis to update plan objectives and review timely progress.

Management Training and Development.

Whether it be through formal classroom training or on-going, one-on-one counseling, we develop your supervisors and managers to be more competent and confident to deliver your human resource system; which in turn builds stronger work teams. These efforts build a stronger and more effective organization.

Focus On Compliance.

We are focused on compliance.  Our accredited HR Managers work to improve compliance at every level for your organization, from your forms to your practices, we stay up-to-date.  Because the legislative and legal environments change frequently, we are proactive in notifying you of upcoming required changes to your policies, developing and implementing procedures for dealing with any changes, and communicating the effects of the changes to your employees.

For our clients who have employees in states other than Colorado, we offer Multi-State Legal Compliance Support.